1: Discover 10 foods that are healthy but lack nutrients. From avocado to granola bars, learn what to look for when choosing nutritious options.

2: Avocado is rich in healthy fats but low in essential nutrients. Swap with nutrient-dense alternatives like nuts or seeds for added benefits.

3: Granola bars may seem healthy, but they often contain added sugars and lacking in key nutrients. Opt for homemade options with whole ingredients.

4: Smoothies can be packed with sugar and lacking in essential nutrients. Add nutrient-rich ingredients like leafy greens and protein sources for balance.

5: Yogurt can be deceivingly high in added sugars and low in essential nutrients. Choose plain Greek yogurt and add fruits or nuts for a boost.

6: Salad dressings can make a healthy meal unhealthy. Avoid creamy or sugary dressings and opt for olive oil and vinegar for a nutrient-packed option.

7: Trail mix can be a healthy snack, but it often contains added sugars and unhealthy fats. Make your own mix with nuts, seeds, and dried fruits.

8: Flavored oatmeal is convenient but usually loaded with sugars and lacks essential nutrients. Try plain oats with fresh fruits and nuts for a healthier choice.

9: Processed vegan or vegetarian alternatives may be high in sodium and lacking in nutrients. Choose whole plant-based foods for a nutrient-rich diet.

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