1: Is Loki actually a hero in disguise, manipulating events for the greater good?

2: Could Loki be the true villain behind all the chaos in the MCU?

3: Is Loki's death just an illusion, setting the stage for his grand return?

4: Could Loki have been working with Thanos all along, planning his own betrayal?

5: What if Loki is actually a time-traveling version of another character in the MCU?

6: Is Loki's mischief all part of a larger plan to secure his own power?

7: Could Loki be in possession of an Infinity Stone, hidden in plain sight?

8: What if Loki is the key to unraveling the true nature of the multiverse?

9: Is Loki destined to become the ultimate ruler of the MCU, shaping the future of all its characters?

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