1: Introduction - Explore the top 10 Marvel villains who are more powerful in the comics than in the movies.

2: Thanos - In the comics, Thanos possesses god-like powers that far surpass his portrayal in the films.

3: Ultron - Ultron's advanced abilities and intelligence are downplayed in his movie appearances.

4: Apocalypse - Apocalypse's immense strength and manipulation of cosmic energy are diminished on the big screen.

5: Mandarin - The comic version of Mandarin wields powerful energy rings that are missing from the movie adaptation.

6: Kang the Conqueror - Kang's time-travel abilities and technological innovations are undersold in his cinematic appearances.

7: Taskmaster - Taskmaster's photographic reflexes and combat skills are not fully showcased in the film adaptation.

8: The Leader - The Leader's superhuman intelligence and mind control abilities are not fully explored in the movies.

9: Doctor Doom - Doctor Doom's mastery of science, magic, and technology is underrepresented in his film portrayals.

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