1: Discover the benefits of growing rosemary at home and learn how to care for this versatile herb.

2: Choose the right location for your rosemary plant to ensure plenty of sunlight and good drainage.

3: Water your rosemary plant sparingly to prevent root rot and prune regularly to encourage new growth.

4: Use well-draining soil and feed your rosemary plant with a balanced fertilizer to keep it healthy and thriving.

5: Protect your rosemary plant from frost during winter months by bringing it indoors or using a cover.

6: Harvest your rosemary plant by cutting off sprigs as needed and using fresh or dried in your cooking.

7: Make your own rosemary oil or vinegar by infusing the herb with a carrier oil or vinegar.

8: Repot your rosemary plant every couple of years to refresh the soil and prevent overcrowding.

9: Enjoy the beauty and fragrance of your homegrown rosemary plant in recipes, crafts, and more.

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