1: "Breaking Bad" Follow Walter White's descent into darkness as he becomes the feared drug lord, Heisenberg.

2: "Dexter" Cheer for Dexter Morgan, a forensic analyst by day and a serial killer by night.

3: "Game of Thrones" Find yourself supporting characters like Cersei Lannister in the battle for the Iron Throne.

4: "The Sopranos" Root for Tony Soprano, the mob boss struggling to balance his criminal empire and personal life.

5: "Killing Eve" Embrace the complex and twisted relationship between assassin Villanelle and MI6 agent Eve Polastri.

6: "Ozark" Watch as Marty Byrde navigates the dangerous world of money laundering with ruthless efficiency.

7: "House of Cards" Witness Frank Underwood's ruthless political ambition and manipulation to reach the presidency.

8: "You" Become enthralled by Joe Goldberg, a charming bookstore manager with a dark and obsessive side.

9: "The Crown" Delve into the personal struggles of Queen Elizabeth II and sympathize with the complexities of royal life.

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