1: Austin Powers director to remake 80s movie with MCU stars. Get ready for an action-packed nostalgia trip!

2: Exciting news for fans of the 80s and the MCU - a classic movie is getting a modern makeover.

3: Director of Austin Powers is set to bring back the magic of an iconic 80s film with a new twist.

4: Get ready to see your favorite MCU stars take on roles in this thrilling remake from a legendary director.

5: The combination of 80s nostalgia and MCU talent is sure to make this remake a box office hit.

6: Stay tuned for updates on the casting and production of this highly-anticipated movie remake.

7: Fans of the original 80s film will be delighted to see it brought to life with a fresh take by a masterful director.

8: The collaboration between Austin Powers director and MCU stars is a recipe for cinematic success.

9: Experience the magic of the 80s like never before with this exciting remake featuring your favorite Marvel superheroes.

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