1: "Blue Bloods fans will say goodbye after Season 14. Tom Selleck and CBS made a tough decision to end the hit show."

2: "The show's 11-year run will come to a close, leaving fans with memorable moments and heartfelt storylines to cherish."

3: "Tom Selleck, who played Commissioner Frank Reagan, thanked fans for their unwavering support throughout the show's run."

4: "CBS released a statement expressing gratitude to the cast, crew, and dedicated viewers for their role in making Blue Bloods a success."

5: "The decision to end the show was met with mixed emotions, with fans expressing sadness over the impending finale."

6: "As the final season airs, fans are left wondering how the Reagan family's story will come to a close after all these years."

7: "Tom Selleck's iconic portrayal of Frank Reagan will forever be remembered as a staple in television history."

8: "While the show may be ending, the impact of Blue Bloods and its beloved characters will live on in the hearts of fans."

9: "Thank you to Tom Selleck, the cast, crew, and fans who made Blue Bloods a beloved series for over a decade. Farewell."

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