1: "Deadpool's dark side emerges as he takes down Captain America in shocking MCU art."

2: "Iron Man falls victim to Deadpool's deadly antics in disturbing artwork."

3: "Hulk faces defeat at the hands of Deadpool in chilling MCU illustration."

4: "Black Widow meets a tragic end in unsettling art by Deadpool."

5: "Thor's hammer proves no match for Deadpool in disturbing MCU image."

6: "Hawkeye is the latest Avenger to fall prey to Deadpool's deadly artistry."

7: "Ant-Man meets a gruesome fate in disturbing artwork by Deadpool."

8: "Doctor Strange is no match for Deadpool's dark powers in chilling MCU art."

9: "Deadpool's reign of terror continues as he takes down another Avenger in shocking fashion."

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