1: Meredith breaks rules in Grey's Anatomy as Winston faces big decision for his future.

2: Winston contemplates future while Meredith's rule-breaking stirs up drama in Grey's Anatomy.

3: Grey's Anatomy's Meredith shakes things up, as Winston weighs life-changing decision.

4: Meredith goes against the grain in Greys Anatomy as Winston ponders his future.

5: Winston's future hangs in the balance as Meredith pushes boundaries in Grey's Anatomy.

6: Break the rules with Meredith in Grey's Anatomy, as Winston faces pivotal decision.

7: Meredith rebels in Grey's Anatomy, while Winston grapples with life-altering choice.

8: Winston at crossroads with future as Meredith challenges norms in Grey's Anatomy.

9: Bold choices in Grey's Anatomy as Winston contemplates big future move with Meredith.

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