1: Enhance Jiffy Cornbread with melted butter for added richness and flavor.

2: Mix in a can of creamed corn for a moist and delicious twist to your cornbread.

3: Add shredded cheddar cheese to the batter for a gooey and savory option.

4: Incorporate chopped jalapenos for a spicy kick to your Jiffy Cornbread.

5: Drizzle honey on top of the cornbread after baking for a sweet finish.

6: Upgrade your cornbread by folding in crispy bacon pieces for a smoky flavor.

7: Mix in diced green chilies and a pinch of cumin for a Tex-Mex twist.

8: Top your cornbread with a dollop of sour cream and fresh chopped herbs.

9: Experiment with different add-ins like roasted red peppers or caramelized onions for a unique take on Jiffy Cornbread.

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