1: Title: Iron Man's Revelation Content: Iron Man discloses the reason behind the Avengers' absence during the X-Men crisis.

2: Title: The X-Men Dilemma Content: The X-Men face a monumental challenge as the Avengers remain uninvolved.

3: Title: Iron Man's Explanation Content: Iron Man sheds light on the Avengers' decision to stay out of the X-Men conflict.

4: Title: The Avengers' Response Content: The Avengers' perspective on the X-Men situation comes to light through Iron Man.

5: Title: X-Men's Isolation Content: The X-Men struggle alone as the Avengers opt to stay on the sidelines.

6: Title: Iron Man's Justification Content: Iron Man rationalizes the Avengers' controversial choice to ignore the X-Men's plight.

7: Title: X-Men's Stand Alone Content: The X-Men confront their adversaries without assistance from the Avengers.

8: Title: Iron Man's Defense Content: Iron Man defends the Avengers' decision to withhold support from the X-Men.

9: Title: The Aftermath Content: The fallout from the Avengers' absence during the X-Men crisis leaves lasting repercussions.

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