1: "Justin Timberlake's latest album falls just short of dominating the Hot 100 charts."

2: "Despite close calls, Timberlake's new tracks show promise on the music scene."

3: "Fans eagerly anticipate the next hit single from the talented artist."

4: "Timberlake's new sound is a refreshing take on contemporary pop music."

5: "Chart-topping potential is within reach for Timberlake's latest album."

6: "Listeners praise Timberlake's artistry and evolving musical style."

7: "Missed opportunities pave the way for future Hot 100 success for Timberlake."

8: "Timberlake's near-misses spark excitement for what's next from the acclaimed artist."

9: "Stay tuned for more music magic from Justin Timberlake in the near future."

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