1: NSYNC's latest track hits #4 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking their second top 10 hit ever.

2: The boy band last reached the top 10 in 2000 with their smash hit "Bye Bye Bye".

3: Fans are thrilled to see NSYNC back on the charts with their catchy new single.

4: The group continues to prove their enduring popularity and talent in the music industry.

5: NSYNC's success adds to their legacy as one of the biggest boy bands of all time.

6: The members have gone on to have successful solo careers since the group's hiatus.

7: Their loyal fan base eagerly awaits more music and performances from the iconic group.

8: NSYNC's timeless hits continue to resonate with new generations of music lovers.

9: Congratulations to NSYNC on their well-deserved success with their latest hit!

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