1: Exciting news for NCIS fans! Speculation on Cote de Pablo's return before the Tony and Ziva spinoff is buzzing.

2: Michael Weatherly weighs in on Cote de Pablo's potential return to NCIS. Will the beloved duo reunite on screen soon?

3: Fans are eager for Cote de Pablo to make a comeback to NCIS. Learn what Michael Weatherly has to say about it.

4: The Tony and Ziva spinoff is in the works, but will Cote de Pablo return to NCIS before that? Michael Weatherly shares insight.

5: NCIS fans are hopeful for Cote de Pablo's return. What does Michael Weatherly think about the potential reunion with Tony and Ziva?

6: Excitement grows as the possibility of Cote de Pablo's return to NCIS is discussed. Michael Weatherly reflects on the Tony and Ziva spinoff.

7: Will Cote de Pablo reprise her role on NCIS? Michael Weatherly's thoughts on the potential return before the Tony and Ziva spinoff.

8: NCIS enthusiasts speculate on Cote de Pablo's return. Michael Weatherly's comments on the Tony and Ziva duo have fans buzzing.

9: Anticipation mounts as fans wonder if Cote de Pablo will return to NCIS. Michael Weatherly shares his thoughts on the beloved Tony and Ziva storyline.

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